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Bobbie's Story

Affordable Tax Prep and Bookkeeping Services

Bobbie J. Tax Services began in March 2021 as a way for Bobbie to generate extra income. She had been working as a full-time Staff Accountant at her previous employer, doing individual tax returns and accounting services.  Bobbie did her job exceptionally well, receiving yearly employee assessments that gained her bonuses at the end of the year. But there was one issue, she was constantly being reprimanded by her managers about being late or leaving early to pick-up her two daughters from daycare (especially during a busy tax season). In August 2021, Bobbie was called into management's office and was let go. Being fired, Bobbie took the opportunity to go fully independent with Bobbie J Tax Services.

In 2015, unemployed and pregnant with her second child, Bobbie enrolled in school at Penn State University at the Abington campus. She majored in Business, with a concentration in Accounting. During college, she worked in the healthcare industry as a licensed optician and also dabbled in real estate to make ends meet. After graduating in 2018, she started working as a junior associate at the same CPA firm she had completed her internship at Penn State. Bobbie was constantly looking for ways to make extra money to provide for her family and was highly motivated daily by her daughters, Brooke and Brandi. 
Bobbie’s ultimate goal after graduating was to spend time with her daughters, all while making money at the same time. Being an independent contractor, she's now able to set her own schedule, doing this things she loves, and having a real work life balance. Bobbie's favorite part of doing tax returns is helping seniors 65 and over. Helping them understand what they’re being charged and doing it honestly

As for bookkeeping, Bobbie's favorite part is finding errors and making her client aware. Yes, believe it or not, most business owners overlook these errors due to their busy schedule running their business. They can miss duplicate expenses, missing incomes, payroll errors, bank errors, under/over flow of inventory, etc.  

Bobbie's Story: About Me
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